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My Top Three Essential Oils

Posted on 20 April, 2017 at 6:58
The most difficult question you can ask any Aromatherapist is ‘What are your Top Three oils?’, but I’ll give it a go!
My number one oil can change daily depending on my mood and who I am working with at the time. I might open a tiny bottle of an essential not used for a while and think ’this has got to be my favourite, why have I neglected it for so long?’, then that can all change the next day!
Having said that I nearly always return to the classic oil Frankincense, mainly because of its power to visibly calm and comfort. It is my oil of choice when I am faced with an obviously anxious or nervous client, one drop, sniffed from a tissue, soothes and balances the emotions, helping to overcome stress by slowing and deepening the breath.
There have been numerous studies carried out to try and discover why this oil can have such a profound impact on our sense of calm. Frankincense contains molecules that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, enabling it to carry much-needed oxygen into the brain, as well as stimulating the limbic area of the brain. It is this calming and grounding quality of frankincense oil that proves to be beneficial in treating depression, anxiety and low moods. It is also for this reason that frankincense has been prized for thousands of years to help meditation and contemplation. Add to this its excellent reputation as an antiseptic, its valuable use when treating all respiratory conditions and the fact that it has proven anti-ageing properties it is easy to see why this oil remains firmly at Number One of my top three chart.
So what oil could possibly follow frankincense at the number two spot? It has to be Geranium, simply for its wonderful floral, grassy fragrance and for its superb balancing properties. This is the oil I recommend to all my female clients due to its regulating effect on the hormonal and the nervous systems, and the smell makes it a pleasure to use. I also use this oil on my male clients as they too benefit from its balancing properties but I would blend it with a masculine fragranced oil such as Sandalwood or Vetiver.

And in at number three is Rose otto. The fragrance is sublime, both warm and comforting, one sniff transports you to a summer garden filled with beautiful blooms. Because of the cost I reserve this oil for my skincare blends and for anyone experiencing loss or bereavement of any kind. Its ability to bring about emotional balance never ceases to amaze me, Rose has a spiritual influence and is used to balance and open the Heart Chakra.

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bestessay says...
Hello there, my tiresome effort to gain access to a worthy blog ends here! The information you did share is amazing, thanks for sharing!

I grew up with always using an essential oil. My grandmother used to have that always in her pocket when she was still alive. Whenever her back pains, she will ask us to massage her back. Until we get used to essential oils. Whenever we feel something bad in our health, there is always an essential oil for us. My grandmother told us that we inherit using essential oils in our great great grandparents. I am also planning to pass the tradition to the next generation. Using essential oils can make us feel relaxed every time.